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Beach Lists and Info

This is a list of several guides and articles about Texas beaches.  I hope it helps.

  • Here is an interesting beach guide put out by the Texas General Land Office believe it or not.  It’s a nice guide because a lot of the lesser known beaches, parks, boat ramps, etc. are shown.  Generally you’ll have to Google to get more info about each location, but this is a great place to start especially if you’re looking for an out-of-the-way place.
  • Water Cleanliness Guide.  Go to the COAST tab in the index and you’ll find a host of resources centered around Texas coastal waters.  On in particular that might be of interest is the Texas Beach Watch page where they report on water cleanliness.
  • Texas GLO pdf guide to beach rules and access.  Did you know that many Texas beaches are public highways?
  • Houstonian’s article about some of the more popular beaches.
  • Texas Monthly article that will be of interest to nature lovers.
  • Ultimate Campgrounds has lots of good information.
  • Free Campsites is another great site.
  • Incomplete List of Texas gulf beaches from Louisiana to the Mexico border.
    • Sea Rim State Park
    • McFaddin Beach
    • High Island Beach
      • Crystal Beach
      • Bolivar Beach
      • East Beach (R A Apffel Park)
      • Stewart Beach
      • Poretto Beach
      • Seawall Urban Park
      • West Beach
      • Bermuda Beach
      • Pirates Beach
      • Palm Beach
      • Dellanera RV Beach
      • Pocket Beaches
      • Galveston Island State Park
      • Jamaica Beach
      • East Matagorda Peninsula Beach
      • West Beach (North side of the Pass)
      • Evergreen Beach (South side of the Pass)
      • Surfside Beach – free
      • Surfside Beach – fee charged
    • Quintana Beach
    • Bryan Beach
    • East Sargent Beach
    • Sargent Beach
    • Jetty Park (Matagorda)
      • I B Magee Beach Park
      • Swantner Park
      • to be continued…



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