Go Beach Camping!

Information and Inspiration for beach excursions and camping.


This whole blog is inspired by the idea that we can drive and camp on beaches up and down the Texas Gulf Coast.  We lived for many years on Lake Erie, and although there are many beaches, none are driveable.  Driving on the beach and parking at the water’s edge just makes a beach trip so much more fun.  Take the ferry to Bolivar Peninsula and drive mile after mile of beaches.  Or head to Galveston, or Freeport, or keep going south past Corpus Christi.  There’s lots to explore all down the Gulf coast.

We have visited many of the beaches in the Houston / Galveston / Freeport area and are planning on working our way down the coast to South Padre Island.  Exploring these numerous beaches has been lots of fun, and a learning experience.  Some of the beaches are developed with facilities.  Others are very primitive and remote and require planning for comfort and safety.

We want to share some of the tips and tricks we have learned, show you some of the pictures we have taken of beautiful scenery and other interesting sites, and hopefully make your day trip or camping trip more enjoyable.

Bookmark this blog as it will be a primary source of information for beaches on the Texas Gulf shore, but also general camping information that can be used anywhere.  2016-11-14_06-51-35_975