We just bought a used 22 foot bumper-pull trailer to upgrade from our tent camping experience.  Since it has been chilly on the Texas coast (normally January and February are milder) we have been looking for campsites in nearby state parks away from the coast.

Guess what?  There are none available!  Everyplace I have looked is booked up.  In January and February!  I expected the parks to be not crowded in winter, but not in Texas.  At least not on short notice.

So, the benefit of camping on the free beaches on the Texas coast is there’s always some space available somewhere.  Sure, on holiday weekends they’ll pack up – holiday weekends on Bolivar are nuts – but other weekends tend to be pretty open.

So, if you are looking for a place to camp, and looking for some solitude, and some beautiful scenery to boot, head to the beaches.