We recently camped at Ft Anahuac County Park in Anahuac, TX.  (See other posts for more information.)

On Friday afternoon we were preparing camp when I noticed an unusual vehicle cruising thru the park.  It was obviously not an American chassis, and appeared to be a 4 wheel drive, modified, medium duty truck with a custom box and a heavy duty carrier on the back.  Eventually they made their way over in our direction and the owner introduced himself as Ulf, obviously with a heavy accent, but very good English.  As we chatted he explained that he and his wife and dog had been travelling the world the last 3 years in their converted truck.  It was fascinating to meet someone who was able to put their dream into action.

He inquired about how to camp at the park and I advised him how to make reservations, They stayed the night and we were able to speak with them briefly about their experience.

In short, they – Ulf, his wife Berna, their dog Mutlu, and their truck Rouletout – have been travelling the world for the last 3 years or so.  They are rock climbers and basically plan their journey around great rock-climbing.  They have put a bunch on info on the web.

Check out their website at:  ROULETOUT.

Check out the camper specs at:  ROULETOUT Build  (This is a specialty camper enthusiast’s website)

Their YouTube channel is here.

Their travels on Google Maps.

Ft Anahuac is an out-of-the-way kind of place, and there certainly isn’t any rock climbing, so we were curious how they arrived there.  Well, they were on their way to visit friends in Houston.  When they travel, they basically follow the brown signs – that is, signs for state parks and so on.  And that is how they got to Ft Anahuac, following signs off of I-10.

It’s a neat story, with great people, a super-cool truck, and a happy dog.  We were honored to meet them and wish them well on their journey.

Not a good picture of Ulf and Mutlu