We had been talking about camping out over Thanksgiving weekend but couldn’t agree on where.  I wanted to go back to explore Christmas Bay, but that would have meant camping on Surfside Beach.  And camping on the beach means dealing with the wind, which my wife made clear we weren’t going to do.  And since I want to make my wife happy, I explored inland options, finally settling on Fort Anahuac County Park near Anahuac, TX

Now I know this isn’t beach camping, but we were on the water’s edge, and we were in our tent, so we were camping by the water which was close enough.  In the end it turned out to be an excellent choice and I highly recommend checking out this park – especially since it’s free.

So we headed out early on Black Friday and got to the site about 6 AM.  We had our pick of sites, although there aren’t really any well-defined sites.  Ultimately we had to decide between 2 locations – one up on the rise near a pavilion and under a couple of trees.  The second was on a small peninsula that extended into Anahuac Channel near the boat ramp and fishing pier.  It was a beautiful site and we are so glad we chose it.


So we threw up the tent to reserve our spot, then headed down to Smith Point to meet our friend Randy for a day of fishing in his boat.  The day started cool, but quickly warmed and we enjoyed one of the best days of fishing we had ever had.  It was a great start to the weekend.  Final tally between the 3 of us was 4 Black Drum, 1 Sheepie, 4 Speckled Trout, and one Redfish, with a lot of other ones thrown back to grow more for our next trip down.  My wife Robin was the champ that day catching the most fish of all of us, including a large Black Drum.


Afterwards we headed back to camp, finished setting up, and then enjoyed one of the most spectacular sunsets we had seen in a while.  We are originally from the Erie, PA area which is known for amazing sunsets.  This rivaled anything we had ever seen back north.  It was a great way to wrap up the day and an encouraging kickoff to the rest of the weekend.