On our way back from our Fall campout on Quintana we happened upon a great kayak launching site on Christmas Bay.  This is a public boat ramp on Amigo Lane that provides access to the bay.  It looks like a great place to kayak and fish, confirmed by the fisherman I spoke to who was just pulling his jonboat out of the water.  He had done real well on trout out by the ship channel.

When we arrived the air was calm, but there was a foreboding storm on the horizon.  The above mentioned fisherman had wisely packed it in well before the storm arrived.  A few kayakers paddling about 1/4 mile from shore weren’t so aware and got caught.  I hoped they were ok.  While we waited in the van for the storm to pass, another boat came in at a good clip.  With the wind and waves they had trouble docking, but finally managed to tie off.


So as I was talking to the fisherman, the wind started picking up.  The water, which had been calm, white-capped in about 5 minutes.  The wind – with nothing to slow it down across this great expanse of bay, roared across the water.  I made my way back to the van and grabbed the camera.  The resulting shots are blurry because the wind was blowing so hard I couldn’t keep the camera still.  I learned later that gusts were up to 25 mph and possibly as high as 40 mph.


We waited for a while hoping the storm would subside, but finally ended up at San Luis Pass County Park to wait out the storm.  It blew hard and the rain came down for at least an hour before we were able to head back to Christmas Bay.  When we arrived the wind was still blowing hard and the storm didn’t look like it was going to pass soon.  So we headed out to try our luck a different direction.


Christmas Bay will have to wait for another time to be explored.