Sooo, my wife and I just got back from our first fall camping trip, and we had a great time, but it wasn’t without it’s challenges.  I’ll cover what happened in the next few posts.

We had planned on going to Bryan Beach near Freeport, TX.  We have been there a few times and like it because it’s remote, so it’s a bit of an adventure, and the beach is nice and wide.  Or was.  This is what we found.

One can Google Bryan Beach for directions, or search for Quintana, TX, which is right next to Bryan.  When you arrive at the intersection of 1495 and 723, go straight for the main entrance, or turn right for the secondary entrance.  It was well marked.  We went straight intending to drive down the beach towards the mouth of the Brazos River.  As we approached the beach itself the sand got very soft.  I got out and walked it and the soft sand extended for about 50 – 75 yards and was about 12 – 18 inches deep.  I didn’t want to bury our 2wd, 1/2 ton van, so we turned around and drove to the secondary entrance.  This road isn’t as good, but is driveable and passes between some interesting lagoons.

Soft Sand at entrance to beach


As we approached the beach we were met with more soft sand but it looked driveable.  So with a little speed and momentum we hit it and got thru the soft stuff and onto the hard-packed beach, or what was left of it.  The beach was basically gone and the water was within 15 – 20 feet of the dunes where there is usually 50 – 100 feet of clear beach.

And there was debris everywhere.  Usually it’s possible to drive all the way down to the Brazos.  But not today.  If the high water didn’t stop us the debris did.  In short, there was no place to camp.

Sand at second entrance


I suspect the debris was a result of Hurricane Harvey.  There were several large dumpsters near the entrance that were full of mangled canopies and other debris, but the beach was still covered with large logs and stumps, and occasional boulders.  It’s going to take a while for nature to clean this mess up.

Large tree washed up on Bryan Beach


We did arrive right at high tide, which we knew, so we expected the water to be high, but we had never seen it this high.  I suspect the water was pushed up by a strong Southeasterly wind, which coupled with the high tide, raised levels higher than normal.

Bryan Beach looking South


So, we turned around wondering where we were going to camp.  The sun was setting and we weren’t looking forward to setting up in the dark.  So we headed down 723 to Quintana Beach, and this is where we ended up spending the weekend.  More on that later.

Quintana Beach Pier