Someone – a new RV’er I suppose – recently posted a question on another site about driving their RV on a Texas Gulf beach.  I don’t know if he had a motorhome or was towing a trailer, but it doesn’t matter, really.  For the most part, most Texas beaches are drivable even in a large RV.

My direct experience is not with an RV but a 2 wheel drive conversion van.  But, in our excursions to various beaches we have seen all kinds of RV’s parked or driving on the beaches.  Generally, with a little care and common sense, putting your RV on the beach isn’t a problem, and it’s a GREAT place to camp.  (I mentioned in my New Year’s post that I was on the beach with several other vehicles – most of them motorhomes.)

One of our first excursions to Bolivar was on a crowded weekend.  There were cars and trucks lining both sides of the beach.  I’m sure there were several RV’s as well, but one in particular stood out.  This older motorhome towing a car was working it’s way down the beach and came to one of the many washouts on Bolivar beaches.  Most of these are easily traversed in a ‘normal vehicle’, but I wasn’t so sure about a motorhome – especially with car in tow.

But this guy dove right in, splashed across, and then hit the small bank on the other side.  This slowed him up a bit, but he gave it some gas and plowed thru and out.  I was kind of amazed, and I surely wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you know exactly what your rig is capable of.

List of Beaches we have been to that should be drivable with an RV:

Bolivar Peninsula

Galveston beaches

Freeport  (Note:  This is the only beach on which we encountered very soft sand.  But it was well posted and very obvious that driving would have been difficult)



North Padre Island

Mustang Island


Once you are on the beach, the next hazard to watch for is the tides.  Know the tide table.  Be aware of the tide lines on the beach.  You don’t want to be one of those poor souls on the internet with a car, truck, or worse – an RV – stuck in the sand because of a high tide.

By the way, if you go on You tube there are lots of videos about people with cars stuck on the beaches, and numerous venomous comments about how stupid they were to drive on the beach, etc., etc.  Well, those expressing these malicious comments are simply ignorant of the fact that it is possible to safely and enjoyably drive on Texas beaches.  Don’t miss out on the fun because of a few knuckleheads that don’t know what they are missing.

Finally, use your own judgement.  If you’re not sure, stop and look, or ask, or turnaround.