You will need to take care of business at some point in your excursion.  Many of the developed beaches have porta-johns on them.  But if you’re averse to these, or you are remote camping, you need an alternative.

We have used the bucket toilet idea and it works, but it is cumbersome – partly because the only shelter we had was either our tent or the van.  We needed a better solution, because my wife said so.  So, she found a toilet topper at a garage sale that I think is designed for disabled people.  And guess what, it fits perfectly on top of a 5 gallon pail.

So, we now have a better solution (except that the thing is awful bulky), but we needed a better shelter.  So, we picked up one of these individual pop-up tents off of Amazon, and it works pretty well.

This is the one we got:  King Camp Pop Up potty.  We gave it a trial run over Easter weekend and I would call it a success.

Pro’s:  Compact.  Folds into a neat carrying case.  Light.  Well built.  Inexpensive.

Con’s:  Hard to figure out how to fold it up.

We have just used this one weekend, so I don’t have long-term results on it, but I can recommend it based on that one experience.  As mentioned, it comes in a round carrying case.  Pull it out, and it pops open.  Unfold it, set the corner stakes, tie it down if needed with the tie ropes, and you are in business.

You can read other reviews on Amazon for more information, but I’ll say that we gave this a pretty good test as we experienced high winds over the weekend, and it stayed standing.  Inside, there’s plenty of room for manuevering, even with the bulky toilet setup we have.

All-in all a good deal and highly recommended.

Oh, we did have trouble figuring out how to fold it up.  The pictograms are not very clear, but we finally got it and it fit back in the bag just fine.