One of the essentials of camping is fire.  For car camping such as we are doing it will rarely be required for a life-or-death situation, but may be needed to heat food or water, or to warm up on a chilly night, or simply for enjoyment.

The challenge with making a fire on the beach is finding dry wood, or finding any wood at all.  I recently went camping and planned on burning wood I found at the beach.  Surprise – there was almost no drift wood to be found.  The small pieces I did find were damp.  I ended up without a fire that night.

There are endless web articles about how to make a fire.  One of the better ones I found was by Alderleaf Wilderness College.  Read it in full right here.

I already have a magnesium starter.  I’ll also be adding waterproof matches and cotton balls to my supplies for certain, plus some fatwood or other tinder.