Recently we took a day trip to Bryan Beach near Freeport, Tx.  We, in this case, included 5 adults, 3 large dogs, and supplies all packed into our 1/2 ton van.  It was cramped but for the short 1 hour or so drive it was tolerable.

Because of work we got on the road about noon or so.  Of course there was the requisite stop at Buc-ees for ice and other stuff, then we were on our way.  Driving was a little rough because of high winds coming off of the Gulf.  They pushed the van around a bit and required focus to stay on the road.

We travelled across FM 2004 from I45 near Texas City to FM523.  FM2004 is an interesting road.  It’s very rural, mostly 2 lane blacktop.  The road is flanked by wide-open fields, and sections of it are literally in the middle of nowhere.   So it’s strange to be driving thru this wide open country and come upon a massive manufacturing plant.  I don’t know what companies they are but there are at least 2 or 3 large processing facilities on this stretch of highway.  It’s simply amazing to run into these massive facilities, basically in the middle of no-where.  It makes you wonder why someone chose that particular location.


When we left home the sun was shining and it was pleasant, with a pleasant day forecast.  As we approached Freeport the sky darkened and the wind continued to buffet.  We got on the beach, picked a spot and un-packed.  The wind, however, became a factor limiting our enjoyment of the day.  Not only did it prevent us from playing some games we had brought, the wind chill made it less comfortable than we would have liked.  Even so, it was tolerable with a sweatshirt.


We did a good job making a fire, but we had to use dry lumber brought from home.  Once we had that going we were able to scavenge some driftwood that was dry inside, altho damp on the outside.  We chopped it up with the Harbor Freight Special machete and it performed adequately, until the handle came loose.  See my separate review.


As we ate the wind actually died down and it held promise of a pleasant evening.  But then a heavy fog rolled in, dampening everything, including our spirits.  We decided to pack it in and head home.  The trip home was eventful as the fog persisted for several miles inland reducing visibility significantly.  So mch so that I missed a turn and added a few miles to our trip.


In spite of the challenges, it was good to spend part of a day at the beach.  Looking forward to next time!