Say goodbye to the old year (good riddance 2016) and welcome in the new (praying for a great 2017) – what better place than the beach?  Especially a Texas gulf beach when the temperatures are in the 60’s and 70’s?

That’s what I thought, so before Christmas I made plans to be on the beach New Year’s Eve.  The rest of my family wasn’t so enthusiastic, so I went solo, which was fine.  After driving back from Pennsylvania with all of them and 3 dogs crammed in our van, I was ready for some time away – lol.

I headed to Bolivar Peninsula late in the afternoon.  After a quick stop at Buc-ees for gas and ice (nobody has cheaper ice than Buc-ee’s – 0.99 for a 20 pound bag), I was on my way.  I got to the Galveston ferry as the sun was hitting the horizon.  There was no line and I drove right on.  After setting the parking brake I noted an orange glow in my mirror.  Maybe I would get across the channel in time to get a couple of sunset pictures.

Sure enough the sun was painting the sky a beautiful orange-red-yellow as I turned on to the beach access road.  It was a nice change from the rain and clouds earlier in the day.


Finally the beach.  The surf was rough so fishing was out of the question for now.  There were only 3 motorhomes on the beach – perfect – a nearly deserted beach.  I drove to the first wash, which was really flowing.  Normally these are driveable, but I wasn’t risking it in the van this time so I turned around and headed back about a 1/4 mile or so.  I parked up near the dunes about 1/8 mile from my nearest neighbor, a motorhome with California plates.


The tide was high and checking the tide charts they showed that high tide was still coming.  This made me nervous as the beach was already narrow and if the water was coming in I could get stranded.  I was keeping a close eye on the water and after a few hours noted that it was actually going out.  Strange – the tide chart must have been wrong.  But this was good news for me since I didn’t have to worry about high water.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the last sunset of 2016 – at least the year ended on a good note.



As the night came on the surf settled down so I decided to break out the fishing poles.  I wasn’t really expecting much, but since I had the gear, why not?  Since I was alone I didn’t want to wade out so I cast my big pole from the shore.  By timing the ebb and flow I was able to get a decent cast in by walking out when the water was out, then retreating when the waves came back in.  I put the big pole in my DIY PVC pipe pole-holder and played around casting my little pole.

Fishing killed some time but didn’t net even a nibble.  I put the poles away and settled in.  A few other cars showed up and started popping off fireworks.  They actually put on a good show and helped pass the time til midnight when I welcomed in 2017.

A quick Happy New Years text to my wife, and I turned in.